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FaithTalk groups build relationships and engender dialog. When the dialog turns to matters of faith, the following discussion guides may be useful. A variety of biblical topics are addressed - choose what is relevant to your group.

  • Celebrate the Grip. The 2016 GenMin camp curriculum - easily adaptable to small group discussions.
  • I Believe video series (from If: Gathering). A helpful tool to use in holding discussions exploring the Nicene Creed.
  • The Story. A small group curriculum that surveys the entire Bible. 
  • The Walk! The Outflow of Knowing Jesus. A small group series for new believers written by by Greg Williams of GCI. This seven-lesson series looks at passages in Luke and Acts concerning knowing Jesus and the life of discipleship that flows out of that knowing.
  • Walking as Jesus Walked. A small group series from Dann Spader of SonLife Classic (with both written and video resources) that discusses the life of being a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples.
  • Convergence. This DVD series examines the intersection between faith and real life with the goal of building community through deep conversation. Each DVD features Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) facilitating a conversation with a well-known Christian author or speaker about the challenges that Christians face while trying to integrate faith and life. This series us most useful for people with a Christian background, struggling with living out their faith. 
  • Love Wins. A reading and discussion guide for the book Love Wins by Rob Bell, addressing questions about an inclusive theology grounded in God's love for all humanity in Jesus. 
  • More to Life: Real People, Real StoriesVideo testimonies from ten "real" people about how meeting Jesus changed their lives. These are great discussion starters with spiritually curious, non-churched people.
  • GenMin Life - video discussion starters and discussion guides geared toward teens and young adults. 
  • You're Included - GCI produced videos that discuss various aspects of Trinitarian theology. Given the topics, these are best for fairly well-educated people with interest in going deeper in the Christian faith. Several of the videos have discussion guides posted. 
  • AlphaThe Alpha course is a proven small-group evangelism and discipling tool. With minor modifications, it works well in a GCI setting.  Check out their website, and if you'd like further information from a GCI pastor who has successfully used Alpha to evangelize unchurched people, email Jim Valekis. Read about Jim's use of Alpha in the December 2010 Equipper (see page two).
  • Experiencing the Apostle's Creed.  Purchase the video The Apostles' Creed (Abridged Version).  Then download the small discussion guide by clicking here.  The guide provides outlines for four meetings, each using a clip from the video as a discussion starter.
  • Speaking of Life videos. These short videos make good discussion starters. For example, watch The God Revealed in Jesus Christ, then ask these questions: What is your view of God? How is that different than how you view Jesus? Do you believe that Jesus is God? Note: by clicking on the program title on the list of Speaking of Life videos, you'll be taken to a page where you'll find the written text posted. This could be printed out and given to each participant.
  • The Story of the Bible. This series from Echo the Story is a narrative tour of the Bible that uncovers key steps in God's plan of redemption. Note the instructions for effective story telling. The story can be told by the facilitator, followed by group discussion. 
  • Parable of the Dancing God. This short book by Baxter Kruger explains how the Triune God has included all humanity in his love and life in and through Jesus (discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter).
  • The Shack. This 18 lesson guide from an ELCA pastor is a resource to lead a series of discussions based on Paul Young's book The Shack.  Also, for a helpful booklet that can serve as a study guide, click here. For a supplemental paper on questions concerning The Shack, click here.
  • God Is... This series of articles from GCI would make a good series to discuss.
  • Jesus Is.... This small group study guide written by Jonathan Stepp discusses the basics of the gospel of grace from a Christ-centered, Trinitarian perspective. 
  • The Basics for New Christians. This GCI series has nine lessons designed to lead new believers through fundamental elements of what it means to be a Christian.
  • Discipleship 101.  This 30 lesson series from GCI covers basic Christian beliefs and practices. To download the first 15 lessons in a single Word file, click here.
  • Christian Beliefs. This 12 lesson study guide written by Stephen Eyre is an excellent resource to use in facilitating discussions concerning basic Christian beliefs.
  • Spiritual Disciplines. This series of 15 small group study guides examines the classic spiritual disciplines.
  • Parenting with Purpose. This 12-lesson study guide is designed to help parents embrace a Christian perspective on parenting. This would be a helpful tool to use in groups of unchurched parents with children and teens at home. It would also be helpful for unchurched grandparents as they discuss how they can support their children in parenting their grandchildren.
  • Lessons from MarkThis GCI series covers Mark 1:1 through 6:12 in 29 lessons. Reflection questions are provided with each lesson.
  • Reading through RomansThis GCI series has 18 lessons that covers the full book of Romans. Each lesson includes discussion questions.
  • UnReality: What is Unseen is Eternal. This Generations Ministries camp curriculum is useful for a small group discussion with unchurched people who are familiar with C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Living Loved. This Generations Ministries camp curriculum discusses God's gift to us in Jesus of salvation and how, in faith, we can "live into" what is already ours.

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