Training Intro

Welcome to GCI's FaithTalk facilitator training. On this page you'll find the introductory lesson. Additional lessons are found by clicking on the training lesson tabs above. For this lesson, watch the video below with the written guide in hand (click on the link below the video to download the guide, which includes assignments for reading and for watching three additional videos linked below).

Click here to download the written guide for this introductory lesson.

Following are two videos to watch as part of this lesson:


  1. We started working through the Faith Talk material in our Sunday morning Bible Study class. I watched the first video with Randy Bloom. I attend church services in Clarksville, TN. Thanks. I'm looking forward to going through the material.

  2. Anonymous1/09/2012

    I'm very excited about becoming a facilitator for a faith talk group and to shar the good news of God's love and forgivness for all people and to help thous that are broken longly and hurting I have ben so bocken and hurting in my life time I wont to hsve part in helping people heal

  3. Stuart & Darlene Rising8/27/2012

    Can't believe it took us so long to realize how important a resource FaithTalk could be to us and our congregation! Looking forward to getting started with our group at church.